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At MATRx, we have heard what our patients prefer and desire for help with their opiate addiction.  We are so very proud to offer a second location in Marion, Ohio.  Our staff has served Marion since 2014 and our physicians have been serving this community since 2016!  Our physicians understand the need for accessible, one-on-one doctor to patient visits, and consistent counseling with the same counselor.  We don't believe in just treating a mass group of patients.  Please call Bryan or Stephanie to schedule your appointment!  Trish is our CDCA counselor who has a great rapport with all of her patients and with the entire Marion community.  If Marion is a bit far for you to drive, please know we have another clinic in Reynoldsburg that we can help take care of your needs. No management company = no middle-man. This allows us to put our patients' needs and priorities first.  Addiction has had a huge impact on all of our lives, and we are committed to fighting it.